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e-Courier Links

Below are some links that may be useful to e-Courier’s customers, prospects, and delivery service partners. Note that some of these sites are only accessible with a login and password, which you can obtain from your e-Courier representative, or by sending an email to our support.

e-Courier CMS Demo Site

Click above to access the e-Courier CMS demo site. Note that you will need a user name and password to log into the site, which can be obtained from your e-Courier representative. Note that you should have a representative walk you through the courier software the first time as it is very detailed.

e-Courier Agent Console Demo Site

Select this link for a demo of the e-Courier agent console, through which you can send orders to your agents, alert them to the order, have them update customer-specific shipment details, and reconcile their charges within 24 hours of completing the delivery. You will need a login and password to access this site.


e-Courier Demo Tracking Site

Select this link to view the on-line order entry, tracking, billing, and reporting capabilities that users of the CMS courier software can offer to their customers. Note that you can put your own look-and-feel on the site that has these advanced operational capabilities. A login and password is needed for this site.

Sample CMS User's Web Sites

Click below to see some examples of e-Courier enabled web sites of existing CMS courier software users.


e-Courier CMS Release Notes

Existing users can click here to see the notes of courier software changes from past releases (user name and password required for access). Note that this option is also available on your CMS menu.


e-Courier WebEx Training and Demo Site

Click here to visit the e-Courier WebEx training and demo site for pre-scheduled appointments with an e-Courier training or sales representative.


e-Sheets Support Documentation

Now available! Click the title to view various e-sheets support documents for tips on more effectively using your e-Courier CMS Software. For current CMS users only (user name and password required).


e-Courier XML Test Site

View this site if you are developing an XML link to the e-Courier CMS system. Note that if you scroll to item 7 (“Testing”) you will see a link directing you to a site at which you can test your XML interface.

e-Courier User Community

Click to the right to visit the e-Courier on-line community forum for CMS Users where you can ask questions of, or share ideas with, other users of the e-Courier CMS Courier Software system (current CMS Users only). If you are not a current member but would like to subscribe, click the "Visit this group" link and you will be prompted for information needed to join.


Google Groups
e-Courier Software Users


Credit Card Processing

Now accept credit cards through your CMS system, either through order entry, direct via the web, or charge your clients' invoices directly to their credit card. Get started by clicking below to sign up for your free Paypal account. After clicking below, click on the Sign Up Today link, then choose the Business Account, then select the Website Payments Pro option. After signing up, contact your e-Courier representative for the next steps.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


Also Coming in the Future:

Support Downloads

e-Courier Task Data Base

Sample CMS Invoice Formats

Sample CMS Label Formats

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